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Advances and researches have made easier the development of new inventions in oil mining in crucial sectors as geologic, mining, telecommunication and medical attention research in the industry of oil mining

Technology is a great resource in contemporary world and is useful to help solving critic problems in generating energy sector.

Oil and gas industry has not been left behind in technology usage to solve some challenges related to the energy sector.

Advances and researches have eased new inventions development in oil mining in crucial sectors as geologic, mining, telecommunication and medical attention and entertainment research in the industry of oil mining

Here we share four advances and technology tendencies in the oil and gas industry.

1.- Digitalization of oil reservoirs

the invention of management practices and data processing through blockchain technology allows engineers in exploration and oil mining compiling and sharing information around the world, enabling to ease digitalization of oil reservoirs.

Oil exporting data, for example, can be shared though a special-integrated software for help processing in the minimization of air, water and ground pollution after extraction.

Technology also eases the clever and controlled extraction for guaranteeing sustainability of crude oil reserves.

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2.- Improve comfort in remote environments

One of the biggest challenges of oil and gas industry is the fact that supervisors of extraction have to work in remote places in which the might face rough situations the access to medical services in said conditions is generally very limited.

Technology investment as well as telemedicine allows people to work comfortably while they can access to medical attention needed in case of injures of sickness.

3.-  Improve accessibility to adverse regions

Researches and technology have helped made developments in new technologies and concepts of oil extraction that might ease the extractions in areas of difficult access

For example, oil companies can now make tiny cracks in rocks surfaces to help free oil and gas trapped in deep reservoirs.

Precision have been improved by the creation of scanning

4.- Clean energy production

Oil and gas companies have respond favorably against pollution problems in the industry through technology usage.

Technologies for crude oil refinement have been developed which can help improve efficiency of extracted fuels. This has made fossil fuels more attractive and less damaging.

Researches have also facilitated availability in fuel market, cheaper and cleaner in less time.

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