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Our Electric Centrifugal Submersible Pumps (ESP) are suitable for applications in oil production and water injection systems. ALNAS produces and delivers electric centrifugal submersible pumps of D, S, M, L series with rated capacity ranging from 10 up to 1375 m3/day and head of up to 3600 m. Due to a wide range of pumps you can select equipment suitable for any kind of operational conditions.

Our pumps are designed on a modular principle and consist of intake module (with fi shing head for tubing joining), middle pump sections, gas separator, check and bleeder valves. Check valves ensure leakproofness allowing a Customer carry out the tubing pressure testing. The check valves can be made plate or ball type as requested.

The intake module can be made jointly with the pump section to reduce number of joints; in this case the bottom section with holes for fl uid intake is included to pump.

The slotted fi lter – SF intake module is suitable for applications with submersible pumps for intake of formation fl uid and separation of solids, the particles cross-section of which is more than 0,1 or 0,2 mm.

At high content of free gas in formation fluid, the pump is completed with a gas separator. A gas separator shall be made with no intake holes if the SF intake module is included to pump.

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