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We are a global company with proven experience in the oil, petrochemical, gas and mining industry, dedicated to providing effective and timely responses to the needs of the global market.

At SPS Drilling E&P we have the best and most extensive supply chain and commercial strategies to advise on the planning and execution of projects, as well as, on the sale, installation, operation, monitoring, pulling and running of Electric submersible Pumps (ESP) systems, Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP), gas compression systems, drilling equipment, Variable Speed Drive, exploration and exploitation equipment for onshore and offshore.

Thanks to the efficiency and outstanding performance during its operations, SPS has become the exclusive representative for Latin America of more than 300 leading brands in the world, guaranteeing the best technology and equipment for the oil industry, through the strengthening of commercial relations with Russia, United States of America, Europe and Asia. In addition, we maintain strategic alliances with important oil service companies, which ensures the quality of the specialized services we offer in each projects.

Manuel Chinchilla.

CEO Southern Procurement Services Inc.


Guaranteeing products supplying and quality with integrated services to our clients, with the highest technology in oil, gas, petrochemical, industrial, mining and metallurgical field; we have a highly trained and competitive staff in exploration, exploitation, operationand maintenance.


Achieving worldwide leadership in integral solutions for hydrocarbon industry, providing quality, reliability, experience, innovation and commitment; with technological services to fulfill our clients expectations.